Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT), Niigata Branch Office will assist you in your registration for International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision (QCAV 2021),which will be held online virtual conference , on May 12(Wed) - 14(Fri), 2021. Let us inform you of the following procedures for registration . We will do our best to appreciate your early entries and reservations.

Thank you.


Niigata Branch Office Manager
Kinki Nippon Tourist Kanto, Niigata Branch Office


Please contact:

QCAV 2021 Team

Kinki Nippon Tourist Kanto Co., Ltd. (KNT)/Niigata Branch Office

E-mail: qcav2021_0125@or.knt.co.jp

(Office hours: Mon. - Fri., 10:00 - 17:00(JST),
Office closed on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays)


Please register and pay the registration fee in advance because the reception desk is expected to be very busy on the day of the conference.

[Pre-registration period]

  • Until 18:00 of Apr 30 (Fri) (Japan Standard Time [JST]) (Tentative)  

Registration Fee

Registration fee Early Bird Registration
(Until Apr 30 18:00 JST(GMT+9))
After & On-site Registration
(From Apr 30 18:00 JST(GMT+9))
Regular 40,000(JPY) 50,000(JPY)
Student 20,000(JPY) 30,000(JPY)
  • Registration fees are not refundable under any conditions
  • The registration fee includes consumption TAX (10%).

Procedure for registration

  • Click "Online Registration" below, and proceed to the online form.

  • Select and enter your personal information, registration.

  • Confirm the screen, and proceed to payment.

  • Please select your payment method, credit card or bank transfer.

    ※As our system was repaired, from this year your credit card will be settled on the same day automatically, not manually.

    If you cannot make a credit card payment or if the payment completion e-mail is not delivered to you, please email us qcav2021_0125@or.knt.co.jp.

    * This payment system uses 3D secure (personal authentication service) which is the security service by Veritolance. Once the settlement fails, it cannot be made again. If your payment fails for any reason, qcav2021_0125@or.knt.co.jp).

  • When you complete registration you will receive a notification to your specified E-mail address.

    • Please take a note of provided ID and password and keep them safe. They are required for paper submission and revision of your registration data.
    • If you registered over a cell phone, the notification may not reach you (if the cell phone is set to reject e-mail from a PC).

Procedure after registration

Sometime between after 30 APR.(Sat.), you will receive notification to confirm your registration and payment. Please confirm your payment options and send the remittance accordingly .You can choose from two payment options as shown below:

  • Credit card(Visa, Master, JCB, Amex)The credit card you specified in the registration pages.(Payment will be recorded as Kinki Nippon Tourist in the account statement of your card.)
  • Bank Transfer
    ※Bank transfer is limited only from the bank account of Japan.



Bank transfer
Please send your payment to the account stipulated in the registration confirmation e-mail by May 6(Thu.).


You can change your registration through the entry page online by the closing day (18:00 of April 30, 2021, JST). If you want to change or cancel your registration after the closing day, please contact us by fax or e-mail (not telephone). Any changes or cancellation received outside office hours will be handled the next business day. Note that cancellations incur a cancellation fee as shown below.

Early Registration fee

No cancellation can be made after 18:00 of April 30(Fri.). No fee is refundable for any reason.


General Chair will provide you with receipts for the registration fee. KNT Kanto/Niigata will issue receipts for your travel fee. (We will separately inform each participant in greater detail).

Privacy policy

Your personal information provided for the registration and arrangements of the QCAV 2021 will be used only for the original purposes as and when necessary, and will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy of Kinki Nippon Tourist Kanto (KNT)

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